Ordinary Boys

by Incredible Yacht Control

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Kind of a concept album. Meant to give you the feeling of being stuck inside the brain of an agoraphobic retail employee on a Monday morning before coffee.


released August 8, 2010

Bret Vogel recorded played and wrote everything except track 12 which was written by Matt Henderson and Bret Vogel. Matt also played the drums and sang on this track. Rian Lewis mixed 8, 10, 14, and 18. Basically, if it sounds good, it's his fault. Rian and Bret mastered this record. Rian also played the drums on 17. Must thank Ruban Nielson for many a long night of conversation and encouragement while this record was being composed.




Incredible Yacht Control Auckland, New Zealand

Incredible Yacht Control is the stage name of Bret Vogel originally of Portland and now Auckland, NZ. Presently a solo act, however, band incarnations have included a few noteworthy musicians including Rian Lewis and Matt Henderson of Crosstide, Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kody Nielson of Silicon, Akila Fields (Palm Dat) of Shy Girls, and Adam Sweeney. ... more

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Track Name: Dudes are Overcome
I’m calling from a soft grey department
of match makers for the dreaming and the dead
theology experiments are stopped
no patience for the patient’s injuries
Dudes are overcome. No plans to pick them up.
Your rally car clan militia smote.
in order to speak we will sweat terrible words out.
the students in the pick up lines and hopeless halter tops
have seen all the soldiers but I’m sure it wasn’t heard
Dudes are overcome. No plans to pick them up.
Track Name: Gust and the Cormorants
he stood alone dreaming in walls a student of the Dreaming Soldier
he’s chained to me.
he only votes for the worry we need, allowing fate it’s slow missions
it’s stalemates.
BUT if you tie your handkerchief to my soul I am free.
Track Name: Maiden Name
don’t forget your maiden name
there’s so much left to do
your love a loom that spins my heart
with blood below in pools
you broke the roof to see the stars
tore my claws away
i dream i am a hero now
when i place the blame on us
Track Name: Our Hour
You are the brightest green spring born again.
Ice melting around you everywhere.
I think about your prayers
and I figure we're still in love
I wonder how it's happening
Enough about you
I wonder how you

The sun is out today
Our chains are clanking just like hell
tearing the roads apart
I'm amazed that we're still in love
I'm thinking in clichés once again
I wonder bout you
I wonder how you
I still know nothing bout you
Track Name: Healing Hands
everyday i put out the fires
but let the rainclouds in
i don’t know anymore
i should give up this fight into your healing hands
i won't give up the fight until i understand
bored again my best intentions spite
my sentimental plans so i just do as i’m told
she spins me round and hangs her phrases high
inside my speepy head
i just head out on my own
Track Name: Convict's Door
my love rushes over to the convict’s door i am the patient nation. i will do it over cause i can’t say no but it will not be enough.
i can’t let it go
Track Name: I Know the Clouds Still Follow You, Wednesday
all your ghosts will walk into a perfect day.
rusted locks will crack and you will end up safe
inside an ever changing light burning the curses away
inside an ever changing light
though all the clouds still follow you today
i know the clouds still follow you, Wednesday.
Track Name: Better Unsaid
Death is round the corner and the abyss will greet me there
my present employer is reading mission statements to the air
housewives check their email - imitate control
i’m still trying to fool myself into believing i have a home
maybe it’s better unsaid
call the blessed mother
her eyes will surely buldge
put her on the conference call where we discuss this quarters goals
my head’s all busted cameras - photographers in need
whisk them off to tech support
maybe it’s better unsaid
Track Name: iDon't Mean to Leave You
Death, won't you leave me to sit
I'm wondering where I fit.
If you steal me I'll never know
See I am quite frightened I admit.
That don't change things a bit
I've been thinking so long so long

Well love don't leave me waiting wandering round
just waiting for the light to dawn
Well love don't leave me waiting wandering round

Love, won't you be mine instead
will you go with me there?
I'll just end up alone.

Hey God don't leave me waiting wandering round just waiting for the light to dawn
Well love don't leave me waiting wandering round just waiting for a light to turn on.
Track Name: Forbidden Brotherhood
i would walk but my feet are stuck
5 years from now
in a forbidden brotherhood
pretentious snow
i am 5 kinds of whispering
that you don’t know
i am all kinds of everything
until it grows
i gave up on the lion's gate
i forget to retaliate
i am not drowned
Track Name: Stay Right Here
i look on as you pain my picture bluer than i want it to be
don’t wanna drown won’t you loose this anchor
tradition has tied tightly to me
don’t go far
from where the light’s go out and you’re sleeping safe and sound in yourself unconscious knowledge you won’t face demons
lurking behind half open doors yeah stay right there.
Track Name: Guillotine Twilight #1
Just leave me alone cause I can feel your ghost
burst through my skull yeah i feel you i fear you
you're covered in clear light from a cloudless sky
like algebra I can't see you
see you.
The tables are set with all your instruments
and secret books that conceal you
seal you
the guillotine twilight falls now as we speak
my murderer whispers to you
and through you
I'm gasping with the demons caught in your undertow
I bled for the good part of four years
so tell me that my legs won't fold as I run to you
it hurt for awhile but now the pain is gone
it hurts for awhile and then the pain is gone
Track Name: Willis (Recovered)
I don't know what your talking about
I don't know what no one's talking about
Track Name: Ghost to Agent 4
don’t swim beneath the headlamps
until you plead your case for love
overheard overcome and looked
down on. GHOST TO AGENT 4
there is no plan in this life i know
for sure. how will you respond
when you have run out of chords
just tell her.
Track Name: Elder Garden
Waiting in a line I converge like the dawn into day
ascending forebrain waves shock and take me away
I am the last hope waiting on a strawberry highway
I wonder which is the theory that prevails today
Is it a God or a chaos filled dream of an egg
that hatches slow as the logic black cracks gently crawl down

I don't wanna wait turn your brainstorm stereo off
I am a used car faded sound bubble of lust
you are a far less vacant little spark in the black hole
elicit clouds come and press against too few of us
I can't see out of your amphetamine black coal dust
I'm calling out but I can't even hear myself call out