Golden Helicopter

by Incredible Yacht Control

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all these songs were written by Bret Vogel with the exception of Stellar Nursery which was written with the help of Matt Henderson. Matt also arranged In Theory. IYC is Bret Vogel, Rian Lewis, Matt Henderson, Ruban and Kody Nielson. Rian helped mix Gone After All and Cut You In Half. This should be IYC’s 4th album, but it’s coming out as number 2 on accident. These songs were scrapped while trying to write the forthcoming Resident Sea album. They are being released anyhow because life is short and nothing really matters. In the spirit of IYC these songs are far from sonic perfection, but if you wanted that sort of thing there are plenty of other records out there for you. Thanks very much for your interest and we hope you enjoy it!

PS: The real version of this record contains a cover of a We Five song (instead of Carrie Anne Bandage Tree,) but we aren't putting it on the internet so you'll have to get it at a show. Or send an email or something.


released May 10, 2010

Matt Henderson, Drums on 3, 4, 6, 9. All other parts played by Bret Vogel




Incredible Yacht Control Auckland, New Zealand

Incredible Yacht Control is the stage name of Bret Vogel originally of Portland and now Auckland, NZ. Presently a solo act, however, band incarnations have included a few noteworthy musicians including Rian Lewis and Matt Henderson of Crosstide, Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kody Nielson of Silicon, Akila Fields (Palm Dat) of Shy Girls, and Adam Sweeney. ... more

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Track Name: Hollow Tree
Hey you don't seem real A hollow tree I'll never know
I can't let go.
I can't let go. What do you know? I love you.
If you live and never grow, you've gone nowhere. Well, I should know.
I can't let go.
I can't let go. What do you know? Everybody knows it.
Track Name: Old Folks Home
I am a monumental tyrant. If I'd have known, I'd said stay away. I won't wallow round your dungeon. I take it back. It suits me to stay.
If you don't mind, I'll be fine, If you remember my name. I took it too far in your car several miles away
from your old folks home.
I know your solitary secret I tied it up, hid it away. I wish that I could have known better I lose my head everyday.
Track Name: Oh, Lynnda
Oh Lynnda
I don't have to be the center of attention Cause I love you. But that's something I forget to often mention. I lose time staring at the stars when I will never be there.
Oh Lynnda I don't want to be the center of attention. Where are you? Is that something you forgot to even mention? I lose time staring at the stars when I will never be there. I waste time wondering what we are when I can never know that.
Why do I want to? I don't have to. I wonder. I don't have to. I know I'll never know.
Track Name: Stellar Nursery
Hello my landslide, I'll let you fall. I know you'll betray me into the fog.
But the truth - it never comes. It never comes
I waited for someone sewn from a star
Track Name: Cut You in Half
Fix your hair just right, get ready for the time of your life Ticking clocks catch fire, burning out the time from your life You were wrong to take this on
Your chase goes down a line that will cut you in half I guess I could have known
A picket fence divides your brain into its left and its right. A waterfall at night, there’s white noise all the time in your life
Track Name: Drake Equation
Falling like the mercury ending the day I trip as your serious side gets in the way I always leave a part of me asleep for when I go to air conditioned wonder forest sterile land of retail
I’m blank in the quiet and I don’t know why I’m blank in the quiet Ursula reads her stories to herself
Christmas trees grace the sidewalks ever present gray Americans will return their gifts don’t give the secret away And someone reads the Drake Equation over the radio the universe is vast and lonely, by now you oughta know
I’m blank in the quiet and I don’t know why I’m blank in the quiet Ursula reads her stories to herself Another world waiting for me.
So keep your Drake Equation to yourself cause I am dreaming of another world
Track Name: In Theory
Don’t count back the numbers if you’re counting on me I won’t pretend that I’m sorry when it’s nothing to me But in theory everything is working fine
You won’t solve your equations waiting for me to breath and all of my reservations are scattered bout with the leaves But in theory everything is working fine.
Track Name: Carrie Anne Bandage Tree
I can see the cut. It hurts each time we touch. But I can't heal it cause I'm not quite sure. I've never seen the snow before, so how am I to know? The fault lines have shown through. Our earth is cracked, it's true. But I don't feel it cause I'm not quite sure reality is here no more. So how am I to know if I'm in love with you? I'm on your breathless team, Carrie Anne Bandage Tree. Are you as broke as me?